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Nutrition Check-Up: Tell us what you eat in a day, answer a few basic questions and get a computerized nutritional analysis. Are you getting enough iron for your blood? Is your child getting enough zinc for normal growth? What's the fat percentage in your diet? Your intake for 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is compared to your daily need.

Full Nutrition Evaluation: Personalized one hour appointment includes nutrition check-up (above), plus health history, focusing on areas of your diet to improve your health. You will work with the dietician to set achievable goals and a plan of action to meet those goals. Can be done by phone appointment, if desired. In person appointments are available in the Ozaukee County, Wisconsin area. Contact us for fee information and to set up an appointment.

Follow-Up Coaching: Continue to meet your health and diet goals by visiting with the dietician (by phone or in person). Each appointment is about half an hour and includes problem-solving, revising initial plan if needed, recommendations for making lifestyle dietary changes that help you enjoy food and good health.

Weight Management Program: Restore and energize your metabolism. Safely reduce your appetite and cravings. Maintain lean body mass. Improve your overall health. Cleanse your body of chemicals that damage metabolism and increase appetite. This program includes products, program guide, daily journal and a book on restoring metabolism. Our Weight Management Program can function as a stand alone program, but we recommend the additional support of combining the program with an Evaluation and Follow-Up Coaching.

Nutrition Presentations: Group gatherings or meetings are a great place for your friends and associates to hear ideas on how to improve their health. Nutrition topics are extensive and include Child Nutrition, Eating for Energy, Nutrition during Menopause and more. Contact us for more information and advance notice of a scheduled meeting.

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